Tips For Getting The Most From Your First Grocery Store Delivery

Posted on: 24 May 2019

If you are too busy to grocery shop for your family or if you go to the store for one thing and bring home a trunk full of bags hours later, then utilizing a grocery store delivery service like Jerry's Foods is an option. With just a few clicks online, your groceries will be on their way to your home without your ever having to set foot inside of your car or a grocery store. And you will save money because there won't be any additional items to tempt you into purchasing them.

If you have been apprehensive about trying out grocery delivery for one reason or another, then following each of these tips will ensure a smooth and successful first experience:

Grocery Delivery Service Tip: Do a Small Trial Run with Multiple Grocery Delivery Services

In most areas of the country, there are multiple home grocery delivery options you can choose from. Rather than taking your initial plunge by ordering a month's worth of groceries all at once from one service, instead, take it slow and make a smaller order to get a feel for how things work.

Since it's a good idea to compare multiple delivery services to each other before you choose the one you want to use each week, make a small order with each one that is available in your area. However, make sure you place an order that's big enough to meet any minimum requirements for free delivery or other promotional perks.

Grocery Delivery Service Tip: Order in Advance to Save on Delivery Charges

Most grocery delivery services offer both same-day and next-day delivery, but these quick turn around times might come with a price tag. For this reason, if you plan ahead and place your order a few days before you actually need it, then you can save a lot of money on delivery charges. 

Grocery Delivery Service Tip: Work with a Delivery Service Offering Easy Substitutions

Finally, it's important to note that every item you order may not end up being available. For example, if you order fresh chicken and there has been a safety recall on all fresh chicken, then this item will be left off of your order. However, many delivery services offer you the ability to approve substitutions on the fly via text message or phone call. This is a great option and you should use a grocery delivery service that makes substitutions simple and easy so your order won't be missing a vital ingredient for a meal.