What Are The Advantages Of Working With A Juice Concentrate Supplier?

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Fruit contains some of the finest flavors found in nature. It offers sweetness perfectly balanced with tart, complex flavors. Chefs around the world create delicious breakfast items, drinks, and desserts using fruit. You can simplify your fruit recipes by using juice puree and juice concentrate instead of fresh fruit. Juice concentrate suppliers create, package, and sell fruit concentrate to restaurants for easy use. Working with a juice concentrate supplier can give you the following advantages.

1. Serve only the ripest fruit products

Fresh fruit can be unpredictable. Some fruit is picked before it reaches peak ripeness, resulting in a flavor that may be astringent or sour. Avoid giving your customers unsatisfying products by relying on juice concentrate and puree. These products are made from ripe fruit specifically selected for its sweetness and quality. You'll be able to give your customers consistent, excellent dishes when you standardize your recipes using fruit concentrate.

2. Ensure you have access to fruit puree year-round

Like all food crops, fruit trees produce fruit during certain seasons. Most fruit thrives during the summer when there is an excess of warmth and sunlight. However, many customers want to indulge in fruit pastries, smoothies, and cocktails, even during the winter months. Fruit can be frozen to preserve its shelf-life, especially in puree or juice concentrate form. Juice concentrate suppliers receive fruit when it's perfectly ripe; they process and freeze it so their fruit products will stay fresh throughout the year. Ordering fruit products from a supplier will ensure that you can continue serving fruit menu items year-round.

3. Save time on prep work

Kitchen prep consumes a sizeable amount of professional cooks' time. Food must be washed, sliced, and properly prepared before it can be served to customers. Even menu items that don't require cooking, such as smoothies and fresh juices, must go through a preparation process. Washing, peeling, slicing, and juicing fruit can take a lot of time. Plus, juicers must be cleaned after each use, which is another time-consuming process. You can save time on prep work and serve your customers faster by taking advantage of juice concentrates and purees.

4. Easily measure your kitchen's fruit usage

Kitchen managers must be able to easily track the ingredients used in every dish. Accurate accounting will reduce food waste, which can cut into a restaurant's profits. Juice concentrate is packaged in precisely measured quantities. You'll be able to standardize your recipes and get an accurate idea of how much fruit puree you need to order. Reach out to a juice concentrate supplier for more information.