Basic Tips On Choosing Wholesale Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Posted on: 2 December 2016

There are various methods for ordering popcorn kernels, locally, online, or through the mail order catalog by phone. Wholesalers provide a variety of options or popcorn kernels, differentiating in terms of flavor, freshness, and preparedness. The information below provides some insight on how to choose quality gourmet popcorn kernels.  

Kernel Freshness Kernel freshness determines how tasty the actual popcorn will be after it has popped. Popcorn lovers want to taste something that is both fluffy and easy to chew. Stale kernels will turn into harder popcorn, making them not as tasty. The easiest way to determine the freshness of the popcorn kernels before placing a major order, is to have them send you samples of the flavors you are interested in purchasing. The samples may be provided for free or for a small fee excluding shipping, which may be an extra fee.

The fresher the popcorn kernels, the more apt the popcorn will hold their flavor when popped. It's essential to estimate close to the amount you will need to purchase, so you don't have a backlog of gourmet popcorn that could go stale before they are used. Whenever possible, only order bulk orders when you have a verified need for that amount. This will ensure that you don't have any stale popcorn kernels on hand that you may have to toss out.

Hulless Kernels

The hull of popcorn is actually the seed, which has been considered the body of the popcorn before it's popped. Seeds can cause an issue with kids that have braces and constantly get things stuck in their teeth. Hulls can be hard to digest, making them also easy to get caught up in retainers or dentures as well.

Hulless kernels still have seeds, but they are extremely small and break up once you pop the popcorn. For this reason, they are called Hulless kernels. When testing samples of Hulless kernels check the batch of your popped popcorn to determine if there are any noticeable kernels or if they were broken up and unnoticeable. By doing this, you will know which type works best for your use.

Natural Kernels Because more people have started to eat more natural and organic products, it makes sense that you can also get natural popcorn kernels. Natural options may consist of non-GMO kernels, organic kernels or low-fat kernels. These kernels are typically taken from corn where farmers have been certified as growing organic corn and ones that are also considered non-GMO compliant.  If you are unsure which popcorn you would like to purchase, consider trying them all to determine what tastes best and meets your quality of standards.