Fat-Burning Coffee? Yeah, It's A Real Thing

Posted on: 21 March 2022

The first time you come across fat-burning coffee, it's tempting to laugh it off as some bizarre weight-loss aid. But actually, fat-burning coffee is a real thing, and it can be quite effective for some people. You won't get shredded overnight after drinking a cup of this coffee, but you can use it as a part of your weight loss routine. Keep reading to learn more about that.

What makes the coffee "fat-burning?"

To some degree, all coffee that contains caffeine will help you burn fat. Caffeine raises your metabolism and encourages your body to burn more calories, which basically translates to burning more fat. Coffees marketed as fat-burning generally contain even more caffeine than your average coffee, which means this effect is elevated. Sometimes, fat-burning coffee also has some other vitamins and minerals added to enhance this effect. For example, it is common for these coffees to have B vitamins added since these are known to be good for your metabolism.

How do you prepare the coffee?

The coffee should come with instructions on the bag, but generally, you prepare it just like you would any other coffee. Consider using a method that leaves the water in contact with the coffee grounds a little longer, like the French press or percolator. This way, you ensure all of the caffeine and added nutrients are extracted from the coffee beans. Other methods, like drip brewing, will work acceptably if they're all you have access to.

Should you add anything to the coffee?

To keep your calorie intake down, it's generally best to drink the fat-burning coffee black with nothing added. If you don't like black coffee, then consider adding a low-calorie, herbal sweetener, like stevia extract. A little almond milk will also sweeten the coffee up without adding too many calories. Some people even like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon. This can balance out any bitter flavors in the coffee and give it a nice, holiday flavor. Cinnamon is also thought to boost the metabolism, making it a useful addition to your fat-burning coffee.

The next time you see fat-burning coffee for sale, don't walk past it. If you are someone who is trying to burn more fat and lose weight, adding a cup of this coffee to your morning routine might be a smart step. And if you can't find fat-burning coffee in your area, regular black coffee is an acceptable substitute. For more information on fat-burning Colombian roast, contact a food supplier.