Add A Line Of Tea Beverages To Your Menu

Posted on: 24 June 2022

If you would like to add a line of tea beverages to your menu, you may be interested in purchasing wholesale products. Tea mixes, bagged products, and dispensed products can be used to create a variety of sweetened and unsweetened beverages.

Instant Mixes

Iced tea is essentially a brewed product that is served chilled. A wholesaler may sell instant mixes that contain tea granules. Granules undergo a dehydration process when instant products are manufactured. The granules will retain the flavor and aroma of a series of tea leaves. Water will just need to be added to the granules.

A food supplier may feature some enhanced products that contain fruit flavorings or sweeteners. Instant mixes can be prepared in pitchers that your waitstaff will be responsible for pouring. Sliced lemons or limes can be added to each pitcher. Fruit slices may increase the sweetness factor of each beverage that a customer orders.

Bagged Products

Bagged products will need to be brewed, prior to serving. A variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea products will require a steeping process. Boiled water that has been added to a carafe can be poured into mugs that will be offered to your customers. Your waitstaff can serve the tea bags separately.

If you would like to offer a lineup of healthy beverages, research the ingredients that wholesale products contain. Tea leaves that are in their natural form will contain a variety of antioxidants. A tea product that will require brewing will be unsweetened. Customers who order bagged teas will need to add cream and sugar separately.

Dispensed Products

Dispensed tea products will provide a convenient way to serve your customers. Dispensed tea beverages will not require any preparation steps. A supplier who sells bagged products may also sell dispensers. A dispenser can be set up in the kitchen of your dining establishment. If you would like to offer your customers a self-service station, consider placing a dispenser within your restaurant's dining room.

Cost Variables

A wholesaler is able to offer products for a lower price point than a retailer. A wholesaler typically features bulk items. Determine which types of tea products will be the most profitable. First, review the serving amounts that each product contains.

Next, determine how much you will be charging your customers for the beverages. Tabulate how much money you can make in total. Deduct the amount of money that you will need to pay a food supplier for the beverages.

For more information about wholesale tea beverages, such as wholesale iced tea, contact a food supplier in your area.